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Leadership Challenges

Inspiring tomorrow's leaders today

Delivering programmes that build courage, resilience and leadership capacity through world-class challenges.

Leadership Challenges uses a unique and powerful mix of commercial, military and sporting experience to enhance leadership skills in others. The scope and scale of what we deliver is a direct reflection of our professional backgrounds, including competing at international level and leading people within world-wide military operations.

Global and far reaching, our three tailored programmes attract international ambassadors and participants from all over the world. They are designed for the ambitious and committed, for companies and organisations working to grow the capacity of their leadership teams, and for those looking for personal growth and development. They combine challenge, adventure and learning and use the world’s best classroom to test people both mentally and physically. Described by participants as ‘life events’ and ‘life changing’, our programmes transform the performance of individuals and teams, build confidence, improve productivity and create real and lasting impact back in the workplace and people’s lives.

Our Leadership Programme has been created for emerging and established leaders in the business world; allowing CEOs, senior executives and junior managers to come together, understand strengths and weaknesses through activity that develops resilience and real-life scenarios that will be experienced during the programme. Our Young Leaders Programme delivers leadership and personal development for young adult groups and youth foundations, helping participants discover focus, build confidence and overcome obstacles.

Our Human Endeavour Programme has been developed and honed for those looking for personal challenge and achievement, either individually, in teams or for charity. We have a number of world-class challenges to choose from, the most notable of which is the world’s toughest endurance bike race, the Race Across America, of which we are the exclusive representatives of in the UK. We deliver every aspect for participants embarking on our world-class challenges, from training and nutrition, to leadership skills, logistics planning and bookings.

Our Elite Performance Programme supports athletes and is often linked to world records and the most extreme of human endurance and performance. We help with every aspect of a challenge, from the necessary leadership support to media liaison.

We are honest and passionate about people development. We believe everyone can be a leader, everyone can make a difference, and everyone can leave a legacy.

Whether it’s for you as an individual, your company, or you’re already part of a team looking for a challenge, we’d love to hear from you.

Our core values are:

  • TEAMWORK: To work seamlessly together towards a shared, common goal

  • RESPECT: Respect in all we do, both inside and outside of Leadership Challenges, is key to our ethos and values

  • INTEGRITY: Through trust and transparency, we always try to do the right thing, whilst upholding the values and principles of Leadership Challenges

  • PEOPLE: People are our most valuable asset; we nurture, guide, advise and reward.

  • LEADERSHIP: Through clear vision, focus and goals we can achieve growth and individual leadership objectives.

  • COURAGE: When challenged morally, mentally and physically, we strive to do what is right at the time, by either showing restraint or pushing limits, and having the strength and confidence to achieve our aims.

As our video above says, talk to us and ‘choose your journey’.