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Leadership Challenges

Inspiring tomorrow's leaders today

Delivering programmes that build courage, resilience and leadership capacity through world-class challenges.

Leadership Challenges is a social enterprise set up with the aim to give everyone the chance to be all that they can be. Through our programmes we deliver impact to individuals, teams, businesses and organisations.

Our adventures and challenges stretch participants both mentally and physically, develop leadership capacity, and can also raise awareness and essential funds for charitable causes.

We take on world-class challenges to change lives for the better.

Whether climbing a mountain, rowing across an ocean, or cycling across a continent, our unique team dynamic inspires leadership, so that all involved become the best they can be.

Our work is brought together under three programmes.

Our Leadership Programme works with businesses and organisations to build bespoke and unique programmes to develop and enhance their leadership teams.

Our Human Endeavour Programme answers the call that many individuals feel to push themselves to achieve life-changing challenges and our Elite Performance Programme works with those working at the extreme of endurance, offering them wide-ranging operational, planning and media support.

Are you ready to be part of something truly outstanding? Are you ready to meet the challenge? Whether it’s for you as an individual, your company, or you’re already part of a team looking for a challenge, we’d love to hear from you.

Our core values are:

  • TEAMWORK: To work seamlessly together towards a shared, common goal

  • RESPECT: Respect in all we do, both inside and outside of Leadership Challenges, is key to our ethos and values

  • INTEGRITY: Through trust and transparency, we always try to do the right thing, whilst upholding the values and principles of Leadership Challenges

  • PEOPLE: People are our most valuable asset; we nurture, guide, advise and reward.

  • LEADERSHIP: Through clear vision, focus and goals we can achieve growth and individual leadership objectives.

  • COURAGE: When challenged morally, mentally and physically, we strive to do what is right at the time, by either showing restraint or pushing limits, and having the strength and confidence to achieve our aims.

As our video above says, talk to us and ‘choose your journey’.