• TEAMWORK: working effectively and efficiently towards a common goal

  • RESPECT: for ourselves and others is a fundamental principle of leadership challenges

  • INTEGRITY: we try to do the right thing and are honest and straight forward with each other

  • PEOPLE: are our most important asset, we promote and reward, train and motivate

  • LEADERSHIP: we have a clear vision and focus on goals to achieve leadership objectives

  • COURAGE: both moral and physical, we develop confidence to do what is right


Our teams are inherently world class, and comprise three fundamental components:

  • Elite: former professional athletes who inspire and lead the way.

  • Academy: members of wider society, from high-flying business people who are after an epic challenge, to less advantaged individuals searching for an amazing experience and a fresh direction in life.

  • Veteran: former service men and women whose experience and knowledge galvanise the organisation and all those within it.