Leadership Challenges appointed UK partner for the Race Across America


We are delighted to be able to announce that following agreement with the Race Across America team in the USA, Leadership Challenges are now the exclusive partner for the race in the UK.

The Race Across America challenge, now in it’s 38th year, is like no other and has earned its iconic status as the ‘world’s toughest race’.

This agreement sees Leadership Challenges become the official UK partner to provide full race preparation and support to anyone who wishes to take on Race Across America.

Leadership Challenges offers participants its unique expertise through a dedicated community, delivering on their experience and developing a true esprit-de-corps. They offer full training and have a specialist team at hand – including nutritionists, physiotherapists and highly experienced Race Across America mentors.

The LC team also provide logistics management and a tailored professional training programmes to prepare participants for the challenge ahead.

RAAM Executive Director, Rick Boethling, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership;

“We look forward to working with a professional group of experienced racers and crew that can provide this type of service. RAAM has grown into a truly international race, drawing racers from twenty or more countries every year. Organising a team – racer(s) and support crew – to come to the USA to race RAAM from anywhere overseas can be a daunting task, to be sure. Having had a close relationship with Leadership Challenges over the past few years, we are confident there is no more capable group of people to provide all of the preparation and support any racer/team would need, should they desire that service.”

Our Chairman, John Hall said that;

‘Further to several very successful years of engagement with the directors of RAAM and in competing in Race Across America, the board of Leadership Challenges are extremely pleased to have formalised the partnership with RAAM to unveil the launch of RAAM UK Services. As an operating venture under the Leadership Challenges banner, this strategic move will position RAAM UK Services as the UK’s gateway to racing or crewing RAAM; either as a solo racer or as a 2, 4 or 8 person team.

We see the agreement, which will bring RAAM and Leadership Challenges together for the long term future, as a highly exciting one for all parties involved. With an impressive and growing alumni of people that have either raced or crewed RAAM through Leadership Challenges, we are delighted that the board of directors of RAAM have recognised our position as the leading RAAM authority in the UK and look forward to what the collaboration between the 2 organisations will deliver. This agreement enables Leadership Challenges to be a tangible reach-back facility in the UK for all those building up to the race.”

RAAM is a life changing race for any participant. Every participant that works with Leadership Challenges will be full immersed in their programme, playing a key role in having an excellent race experience. That experience will leave a lasting impression of self-discovery, accomplishment and confidence.

If you’d like to know more, please use this link and then get in touch.

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