Row Pacific 2019

Blossom waiting in Japan 2.png

5,082 miles or 8,179km

approximately 150 days, rowing 16 hours a day

estimated 1,944,000 oar strokes from land to land

On May 23 2019 at 07.00 UK time, former Royal Engineer Charlie Martell began his Guinness World Record attempt – to be the first person to row land to land solo across the Pacific Ocean, from west to east.

Very sadly, as of May 28, 2019 the journey has come to an end after Charlie sustained an injury to his shoulder. You’ll find a statement from Charlie on our blog where we’ve been posting news as we’ve been receiving it.

Charlie is no stranger to a challenge, having rowed the Atlantic and trekked to the North Pole and whose active service in Iraq, Bosnia and Northern Ireland led to a post-Army career in the humanitarian sector where he specialised in clearing explosive hazards.

With the support of Leadership Challenges and Team Hesco, Charlie left Japan in his boat Blossom heading for the USA, with enough food on board to last 180 days and a goal of completing the voyage within six months whilst raising funds for charities; Give Them a Sporting Chance, Veterans in Action and the Allied Forces Foundation.

The Charitable Adventurer

Charlie first attempted this Pacific challenge in 2012 before encountering the destructive forces of Typhoon Mawar and having to cut his journey short.

“It’s testament to the design and rigorous build of Blossom that she survived the storm in 2012. The bulkhead was damaged after a pitch-pole capsize and we’ve had to strengthen the aft cabin where I sleep and seek refuge.” 

“The Pacific is not an easy ocean and 2019 will not be an easy trip, but now we’re ready to try again. I’m looking forward to really testing myself and to raise awareness for three incredibly important charities.”

For more information visit his website on this link.