Could you Race Across America in 2020?


Are you involved in Leadership Programmes within your Company? Are you an avid cyclist yourself? Whatever your motivation, consider taking part in the Race Across America.

The RAAM challenge is Leadership Challenges' speciality and we have the plans and structures in place to ensure you have the training, the team and the logistics to be able to complete the challenge. We stretch participants both mentally and physically, adding value back into the workplace and individual development. promoting and developing a huge variety of leadership skills and resilience.

We are already gathering interest for this amazing challenge in June 2020, and this is the opportunity for you, your Company, or group of friends to be able to say what few can, “I completed the Race Across America”.

Leadership Challenges will be entering a number of 8-person category teams; consisting of 8 riders and 10 crew members into Race Across America 2020. Every member of the team will be totally immersed in the challenge, each playing a vital role in order to complete the challenge.

Participants will be developed through a shared community to exchange knowledge, experience and develop esprit-de-corps. We offer full training and have specialist teams at hand, including nutritionists and cycling coaches, who will develop individual plans for both cyclists and crew.

Anyone who joins our RAAM team will embark on a journey of self-discovery that builds belief and self-confidence through behaviour profiling, feedback and reflection.

If you’d like to know more please just get in touch.