Mind Over Matter raced across America in RAAM 2019

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A team of 8 women have been working with Leadership Challenges to complete the toughest bicycle endurance event in the world, the Race Across America, held in June 2019. They completed the epic challenge in 8 days, 0 hours and 12 minutes.

The team were the first British female, wounded, injured and sick (WIS) team entry for the race. They had already overcome their own huge personal challenges with life changing conditions amongst them, including paralysis, amputations, spinal-cord injuries, strokes and PTSD. Many of them are either currently serving, or are veterans of the UK military.

The physical and mental challenges that these women had experienced is a true testament of their ability to overcome personal barriers. They were supported by 11 crew members from both civilian and serving, or veteran, HM Forces communities.

The video below, features an appearance on Sky News when the team’s entry for the Race was announced.


Following the Leadership Challenges model, developed over the last 5 years, the team worked together to go from the Pacific to the Atlantic Oceans, from Oceanside in California to Annapolis in Maryland, cycling non-stop in shifts, over 3,000 miles, crossing 12 states, climbing over 190,000 feet across both the Rockies and the Appalachians, and passing through deserts in temperatures reaching 45 degrees Celsius.

The objective of this immense challenge for the team was to re-discover their focus and confidence, creating an environment of inspiration for themselves, their team-mates, for other women who would like to take up cycling as a sport and for anyone who suffers with mental and physical health challenges.

The challenge is part of an ongoing research programme in association with the University of South Wales into the effects of physical challenge on mental health.

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