Artemis World Cycle


In an epic journey, which re-defined the limits of human endurance, Mark Beaumont has showed us what is possible when you dare to dream. The blog below was kept over the last days of the journey, by the supporting Leadership Challenges team, as he completed pedalling around the world.

19 September 2017

“The challenge is complete. Mark has made it around with world in less than 80 days and smashed not one, but two, Guinness World Records on the way. The first was for clocking up the most number of verified miles on a bike in a month (7,031 miles / 11,315 km) and the second for the fastest circumnavigation around the world – taking just 78 days, 14 hours and 48 minutes. It has been an incredible adventure, a testament to the whole team that we all returned to Paris with Mark in one piece, despite some unfriendly weather and road conditions. Our heartfelt thanks to all who have supported this challenge.”


13 September 2017

“Mark and the team have endured unexpectedly brutal conditions during leg 3 through North America.  While they have all been deprived of sleep and have had every skill they possess between them tested to the extreme, they have worked as one to assist Mark as he has powered on.  During leg 3, Guinness World Records confirmed that Mark has now clocked up the most number of cycled miles in a month, which brought a much needed boost during some particularly dark moments.  While physical exertion can be restored through good body management, the mental and emotional tolls this challenge has taken on Mark has been clear to see during his daily vlogs. While endurance athletes can put in hours to prepare for challenges of this magnitude, it is how they cope with the inner machinations of their minds during the long, often tedious and sometimes lonely hours to keep the wheels turning that set the truly the successful apart.”

31 August 2017

“Mark is now 61 days into the Artemis World Challenge. Stunning scenery through Alaska, Canada and into the USA are tempered by strong winds and tricky conditions.  Leadership Challenges’ Mike & Jo are part of the stage 3 support team.”

Leadership Challenges has been instrumental in the logistics for Mark’s Around The World Challenge:

  • Planning, training (crew) and executing Artemis World Cycle training ride, Around Britain

  • Built and researched the 18,000 mile cycle route through 14 countries

  • Resourced 4 teams of equipment, flights and nutrition

  • Developed AWC Team Manual and Standing Operating Procedures